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Casablanca is a classic film that I've always heard about, heard quotes from, etc. I thought it was just going to be a cheesy love story, with little plot besides boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl again, and so on. Overall, the film surprised me, it had much deeper of a plot than just a love story. I didn't really have a favorite part, but a moment that stood out was when they demonstrate how the casino was "fixed" because we see that the police chief always wins, and Rick "helps" the young man that is trying to go to America with his wife.. A classic film is one that is film that can stand the tests of time, that you can watch 50 years after it was made and still enjoy. Classic films are ones that were loved in their time, and many, many people have watched and it has become a part of our culture.

For example, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is a cult classic, and not just a classic film, because it's main audience is a niche market. The reoccurring theme in this film was regaining a love once lost, and the being kept back by the political leaders in gaining what you want. The different conflicts are between Rick and his lost love, Rick and Victor Laszlo, Victor Laszlo and just about everyone, and the Third Reich versus everyone not a German. Some of the conflicts are cheap conflicts, but the majority of them are in the plot enough to be considered an expensive conflict. I can see why people could be unhappy with the ending, because the boy loses the girl again. The story could end many other ways, Rick could end up with the girl, Rick could kill...