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The film is about Casablanca, Morocco during WW II. This is the place where rich Europeans have fled to escape the war. Corrupt officials, crooks and dubious fortune-seekers try to profit from the refugee's desperate situations. German couriers get killed and Letters of Transit signed by General DeGaulle are for sale. An underground movement leader who had escaped from a concentration camp and had been chased through Europe by the Nazis wants to buy the two Letters of Transit on the black market for his wife and himself. He became a Freedom fighter who was about to be caught and left Paris just before Germany took Paris. When the movie begins he is the owner of a Bar and Cafe in Casablanca. Nothing was a secret in Casablanca, as many people made it their profession of selling the secrets they heard about. A rumor began to circulate that 'exit visas' were being sold at Rick's Café Americain.

Rick (played by Humphrey Bogart) became a friend with many of the people who were part of the corrupt French Authorities. Through these friendships he learns enough about each of them to protect him if anyone decided he should be arrested.

Rick Blaine is a worldly American who has a hidden past. He was on the losing side during the Spanish Civil War. He moved to Paris before WW II and was a gun runner smuggling guns into Ethiopia. General Strasser, (the representative of the Vichy Government of France), heard the rumors and came to question Rick. Rick tells him that he is an alcoholic and doesn't know a thing about the visas. He says he does not belong to either side of the combatants in WW II because he has had enough of wars and he is 'neutral'. All through the...