A case analysis on consumer behavior in Barns and Noble.

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General shopping category:

Most customers overestimate the amount of time they spent shopping.

Most customers did not look at the price of the item they purchased.

Most customers like to glance at the covers of the magazines.

Most customers who buy magazines do go into the book section and the people who buy books do not enter the magazine section.

Most customers are attracted to the items that are in the first row of the top shelf.

Product category:

"Woman's Interest" gets the most attention from Women. "Transportation" gets the most attention from Men. "Entertainment" is the most popular for both genders.

"House and Home" and "Food and Wine" get attention from older people and from women.

Periodicals are purchased more during the morning while magazines are purchased more in the afternoon.

"Current Events" (Newsweek, Time) do not seem to get that much traffic.

Differences between shoppers:

Men tend to pick up one magazine at a time to look at.

Women tend to get more than one.

Women like to look slower at the magazines while men flip through them.

Men tend to stand and look at the magazine while women will go sit down.

Men tend to have an idea of what they want to purchase and go straight for it. Women like to browse around more deciding on what to purchase.

Recommendations for improvement:

Make aisles wider. People put back the magazine they were looking at if people keep on asking them to move (Say excuse me and walk by).

Get rid of some of the small cardboard stands. There are too many (7) and they are not effective since they are all next to each other and look busy. Most people just glance at them and look away.

Make the security guard stand further away from...