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Case Analysis For

Situation Analysis (SWOT analysis)

The goal of is to be the world's first one-stop, international web site dedicated to the student market. This online community for students of all ages will provide them with a vast number of free services to meet both their academic and social needs.

In order to fulfill its mission and objectives, must maximize its strengths and opportunities, overcome its weaknesses and avoid threatening situations.'s strengths are drawn primarily from their customized technologies (OrganizeITTM and CustomADTM), their unique depth and breadth of their product line, their use of a multiple segment strategy (Primary, Elementary students, etc.) and their successful experience with MUNWorld. In turn, this provides opportunities for global expansion and secures a revenue stream from marketers, through advertising. However, their inability to attract and retain customers and investors over a long-term period, results in relatively short-term differential advantages for the company as technologies are easily copied.

Although they are not controllable by management, environmental factors have a significant impact on's marketing system particularly with respect to demographics, technology, competition and socio-cultural forces. Demographically, the potential target market arises from the worldwide student population between the ages of 4 and 29. Competition arises from two sources: direct and indirect competition. Direct competition exists from companies such as,, and so on. Indirect competition arises from internet-based companies who do not directly target the student market such as Yahoo! and Excite. With respect to technology, has produced two of its own: OrganizeITTM and CustomADTM. OrganizeITTM enables users to have access to information specific to their region, the ability to personalize the site and receive only the information they want. CustomADTM creates and advertises ad's to each individuals specific needs. Finally with respect to socio-cultural...