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The Human - 1 - Case Analysis: The Human Side of Enterprises By MGT332 March 17, 1998 The Human - 2 - The Human Side of Enterprise All managerial decisions and actions rest on a personally held theory, or as Gayle Porter put it in his summary of The Human Side of Enterprise, "a set of assumptions about behavior. McGregor, the original author of The Human side of Enterprise, believed in two theories. The first one, theory X, dealt with the conventional assumptions made by management. The second one, Theory Y, dealt with the alternative assumptions. All managerial decisions and actions rest on a "personality held theory." McGregor argues that theory Y provides an alternative set of assumptions that are much needed due to the extent of unrealized human potential in most organizations. Also that the conventional organization theory can not be completely dismissed but instead it should be used at the appropriate time and in an appropriate manner.

The whole character of the company can be determined by assumptions made by management on how its human resources should be controlled. Holding or applying conflicting ideas can lead to employee dissatisfaction. For example, a manager delegates a task to an employee who is assumed to be responsible, then he or she contradicts the delegation by monitoring the employee. The manager already assumes that the employee can't handle such responsibility otherwise close monitoring would not be necessary. Also these conventional assumptions makes the employee feel insecure, useless, and less willing to participate in future The human - 3 - Projects. In order to make effective use of their human resources managers must understand the proper methods of controlling behavior.

The conventional theory based on authority can no longer be the only means of inducing quality production. The employees have...