Case Analysis: Phytotherapy

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The attached is an assignment and some references. you will have to answer the questions as:

Question answer format A................. B................ and so on. please answer the question completely. do NOT copy anything from the references word by word and do NOT use anything other than the references i provided. the deadline is after 7 hours from now.

Please do not copy anything word for word from the reading. Remember to read the articles, do the "translation" into you own understanding, then write your own words to describe what you read.

Retrieve the paper listed and answer the questions below.

Nartey, Linda, et al (2007) Matched pair study showed higher quality of placebo controlled trials in Western phytotherapy than conventional medicine. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 60, 787-794.

What led the authors to do this study? What were their questions?

How was the study done? How would you classify this study based on what the ppt/UM Connect presented this week? Did the methods lead to data that answered the questions posed?

Use the figures and tables to present the results of the study.

Full credit will not be given for a statement that comes out of nowhere. Describe each figure or table and what the data tell you for full credit. Don't get caught up in the statistical discussions of the authors, but try and take away the main points of each piece of data.

What are the main points of the discussion? What are strengths and weaknesses of the study? How does this study fit into context of other studies according to the authors?

The authors concluded that 19 herbal and 5 conventional studies were "higher quality". What does this mean? As you look at this, how did their designation "higher quality" match with the ppt and discussion of...