Case Analysis on Youth Sports.

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Statement of the Problem:

How do we encourage the youth to become actively involve in sports?


- To evaluate the current issues in youth sports.

- To come up with programs that would encourage the youth to actively participate in organized game call sports.

Background of the study:

Organized sports for children are indeed important since these programs provide them with opportunities to develop physical skills, self-confidence and status among their peers. However, like all aspects of sports, innumerable problems are also observed in organized sports. These include pressures that children receive from their parents and coaches to excel and the interference of coaches in the development of young people by being authoritarian and abusive. In other cases, sports involvement can prevent children from developing other dimensions of themselves and cultivating other talents. Constant disagreements between coaches, referees and parents and the violence that takes place during games also help in creating negative perceptions about organized sports.

Perhaps the greatest sin of organized sports is removing the fun aspect of sports. The fun aspect of sports needs to be preserved and even enhanced if we want children to have pleasant memories of sports and thus maintain a life long commitment to play and physical activity and a healthy and balanced personality especially in their formative years.

Sports sociologist point to the primacy of instituting changes in the conduct of organized youth sports. Since the experience of young children, whether positive or negative, will affect them for the rest of their lives. Adults in charge of organized sports must always remain cognizant of the need to put the interest of the children first.

Underlying concepts on youth sports:

Our VALUES either determine our actions or our actions shape our values. The definition of values, as proposed by two well-known sport...