Case: Career and Personal Needs Just Don't Mix

Essay by paulsanna November 2007

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Living in hectic times, being faced with so many challenges and opportunities, very often we reach out and want to have it all – good jobs, successful careers, high salaries, blissful family lives, happy children and satisfied partners. However, though times have changed, days still last only 24 hours in which we have to squeeze all our obligations, perform good one every field and still find some free time. Not an easy task, one must admit.

The case I will be discussing is a common example of what happens when both the partners have demanding jobs and are striving for careers. In this high paced race sometimes it is hard to find even time to talk, one of the basic means for communication among human beings, let alone spend time together as a family.

Though Jane and Jim have been together since graduate school, know each other very well and both of them are devoted to their children, as years went by and as their careers developed they stopped having time to see and talk to each other about issues that might bother them as a family.

It was very positive that each of the parents did spend time with their children but still in order for a family to function well I think it id crucial that they have some time to be with one another and share things happening in their lives. The lack of conversation between them I see as one of the communication problems. Also, it was striking for me that later on when Jane was very busy working on an important case, her husband had to send her an email saying they have to talk about issues in their family and work lives. I understand that emails are a very usual way of...