The Case of Danielle

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Danielle is a 26 year old female that experiences multiple disorders. She has moderate anxiety, depression and simple phobias. Danielle’s family described her to be a normal person reasonably well adjusted and happy. Danielle’s history was not grossly abnormal in any dimension, but there were aspects that could be related to her developing problems. Danielle was born with no complications but she was noted to be a very fussy baby. Her parents stated that she was a little jumpy and seemed to get more startled than her brothers. Danielle’s mother was a little on the anxious side and showed symptoms of being depressed. Her father did not show much affection instead he demanded good performance, in both the academic and social areas, and a lack of performance usually meant some form of direct punishment as well as emotional distance from him. Danielle’s husband has the same qualities as her father.

This could be the cause of her depression. Danielle’s depression became more severe leading her to consider suicide. Danielle suffered from a few simple phobias. She feared spiders, snakes and small places. Danielle was capable of dealing with her phobias but they eventually reduced her ability to enjoy outdoor activities. Danielle’s claustrophobia had become so overwhelming that it had started to get in the way of her job. Her life structure was a little on the difficult side which lead her to go to a university based psychology clinic. Danielle’s disorder is going to be analyzed using biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components. (Meyer, 2006)Theorists would see Danielle’s problems as developing out of an inadequate resolution of conflicts that could have developed in one of the hypothesized stages of development that each person, as represented through the “ego,” must proceed through to reach maturity. The free-floating anxiety experienced...