Case # Q32888; Investigation: Clare Quilty murder "Statement of Dolores (Haze) Schiller" essay based on: Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov

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As she walked into the station, she felt that all the eyes of the "on duty" officers were on her. Her heart was beating so hard. With all that she has been through, she thought that she had mastered emotional control. She approached the sergeant at the front desk.

"Good morning Sergeant. I'm Dolores Schiller. I'm supposed to meet with the Captain," she said.

"Yes ma'am," replied the officer. "I have you on the visitor's list. The Captain asked that you be sent to Conference Room 2. He is waiting there with Dr. Bronson and Detectives Noreika and Curtiss. Just walk down that hall, and it's on the right hand side, five doors down. I'll buzz him and let him know that you are coming. Do you need some help?"

She politely declined assistance and progressed down the hall filled with trepidation. She started to feel the baby kicking.

It was like a reminder from within, "Get control Mom, you know how. You did it for how many years before this."

"Ahhh...Mrs. Schiller...yes, thank you for coming," stated the Captain. "These are the investigating detectives, Stacy Noreika and Andrew Curtiss. And due to the nature and the crime and its complicated history, we thought it best to have our staff psychiatrist here. This is Dr. Barbara Bronson, she will be conducting most of the interview today. Is this okay?"

"I don't understand, what crime, and why does there have to be a doctor here? I thought that I was here just to verify that my stepfather was at my house a few days ago, and to attest to his state of mind." Then, looking confused, she inquired, "Isn't that what you told my on the phone, Captain? And what do you mean by 'complicated history'?"

"Mrs. Schiller, let...