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This case study presents a critical and challenging solution because the characters involved (Carl and Estrella) had approach old age which ultimately results to external and internal changes in their sensory capacities (NIOS, 2004). Furthermore, the health of Estrella who has stroke and Carl who is showing symptoms of Alzheimer diseases by his constant forgetfulness and snapping at customer presents an urgent medical attention for both of the couples.

In addressing these issues, the following criteria should be taken into consideration:

Readiness and Needs assessment

Emergency preparedness


Anger management

Physical Therapy

Spiritual Awareness

Siblings' interpersonal relation relationship parents

Readiness and Needs Assessment: The Siblings and the Carl should be willing to learn about the disease, and all that it required for management. Foremost, their need for knowledge (Knowledge Deficit), so education on the disease process will be number one. A medical practitioner should be recommended to be with the family to make sure they receive much knowledge about their health conditions.

It will be important for nursing to follow-up with this family as they require some assistance on a daily basis. Furthermore, people with stroke and symptoms of Alzheimer must consider advance emergency plans in light of any eventuality. According to the American Heart Association (2003) 600,000 Americans each year suffer from stroke. The number killed from stroke is approximately 160,000 per year (AHA 2003).

Strategies for stroke rehabilitation should be started as soon as possible, preferably in the acute setting and then continued in a rehab setting or at home. Speech impairment or loss can be a frightening experience for a patient. Early referral fro Estrella to a speech therapist is important in order that an expert assessment can be performed and a strategy identified. Anger Management classes should be recommended for Carl. 'Why me?" may prove to...