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Case studies


One tool, product attributes model (Lancaster, 1966, 1979), is use for analyzing differentiated product markets which help in defining the best positioning and marketing mix for a particular brand. In order to add a new attribute to an existing product, it should conduct the constancy education towards targeted consumers. Moreover, we should try to convince consumers about the new attributes that we added on which our brands are relatively strong. Also it can establish some promotion that related to their interest or make its personal relevant to them.

The problem:

According to the results of previous research by Kelsey and Mackenzie Inc. (K&M), they identified four criteria, (1) traction/tread, (2) handling, (3) price, and (4) warranty/expected life, were consistently mentioned throughout each of the focus groups. They conducted the survey to deeper understand the relative importance of each of these four evaluative criteria between Treadfast and three major competitors.

In this case, the open-ended questions at the end of the survey cited noise levels as a reason for dissatisfaction. However, the loudness of ties has not been an attribute to consider within the survey. Researchers further noted there were frequently complaints showed up among those purchasers of all three competitors' tires, while Treadfast tires virtually nonexistent any complaints. Therefore, the noise levels of tires could be the point of different for Treadfast.

Specific way:

We decided to launch a series of the maintenance of automobile class on YouTube and Live in shop mall. In order to help Fivestar to change consumers' attitudes toward Treadfast by adding a new attribute, noise level. As attitudes play a major role in affecting our behavior. It influence our feel and behave toward others, moreover, it has an important influence on our decisions. (Robert B. Schafer & John L.