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IT Case Study

The Widget Wonders distribution center is the worldwide leader in widgets. Which they're in the process of building a state of art facility to manufacture new generation of widgets. The SNHUConsulting group leads the way of consulting in information technology. SNHUConsulting has been hired to consult on new hardware that will last for at least the next three years for the different apartments.

The sales department consists of 50 employees that requires mobility with access to the company's resources while in the field with customers and presenting at sales meeting and conferences. The manufacturing department will have 45 employees and will need hardware that support word processing and spreadsheet programs and internet capable. The inventory control department will have 30 employees who would need mobility hardware as well with power to access database systems. The research and development department will consist of 20 employees that's need hardware with graphics design and CAD programs.

The MIS will consist of 5 employees who will need additional processors and memory requirements to support administration tasks.

My recommendations for the sales department for mobility purposes is notebooks, smartphones, and tablets for visiting customers. For bigger presentations a digital projector that is interactive, with laser pointers that allows the sales team to talk and click on the computer to dictate its pace. Also USB drives that holds a large amount of storage that the sales team can upload from any computer systems. For the manufacturing department my recommendation are the new generation computer systems that support multi servers for the manufacturing needs. The manufacturing department will also need printers and connectivity capability to the internet as an additional resource tool to complete their job functions. The inventory department will need tablets with 32 or more GB of storage with direct...