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Case Study Analysis

Kelly Kirkland


September 12, 2014

Colette Wanless-Sobel


Carl At ABC Inc, has run into problems at his job as a recruiter. Carl has a lack of organizational skills, leading ability, planning, time management, and controlling. I am going to discuss Carl's problems and solutions to those problems.


Carl Robins is the new campus recruiter at ABC Inc. He has hired 15 new trainees to work under Monica Carrolls, which is the Operations Supervisor of ABC Inc. Carl has a deadline to meet in order to have all of the new hires working by July. Carl was put in a challenging position that required a lot of critical thinking, organization, planning, and time management in order for him to complete the tasks at hand. His responsibilities were to make sure he had all required new hire information, schedule training, plan orientation, and schedule appointments at a clinic for a mandatory drug screening.

Carl claims to be prepared and ready to go for orientation on June 15.

Key Issues:

Shortly after Memorial Day, Carl went over all of the new trainees' files and discovered that most of them were incomplete, missing transcripts and other paperwork. Carl also realized that the trainees' have not been sent or scheduled for their mandatory drug screens. When Carl checked the orientation manuals, he found that there were only three copies, and all of the three copies had pages missing. The last issue that Carl has is that the room that he wants to use for orientation has already been booked by someone else, and is unavailable for the entire month of June.

Carl is inexperienced as a new hire recruiter and has only been employed with ABC Inc. for a few months. It seems that Carl has too much responsibility,