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Introduction. Inadequate training and poor planning can have detrimental consequences and lead to a company's deterioration from within.

Background. Carl Robins is a relatively new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. Part of Carl's responsibilities is coordinating all of the orientation and training required for the new employees he has hired. In April, 15 new

trainees were hired and orientation training was scheduled for June 15, hoping to have all 15 trainees working by July. In mid-May, Carl was contacted regarding the arrangements for orientation and the operations

supervisor was assured that everything would be arranged in time. Less than two weeks to the schedule orientation, Carl found incomplete applications, medical screenings not done, training materials not prepared, and a scheduling conflict with the training site. Carl must find a way to

successfully complete this orientation and training that has already been scheduled.

Problem 1 - Incomplete applications. Employment applications were not checked for completeness and accuracy at the time of submission.

A company cannot hire prospective employees using incomplete applications.

Discussion. A company should not hire employees when it is obvious that an application package is not complete. If company policy requires additional information (transcripts, physical examinations, and drug screenings), then the application is not complete without it and should not be accepted.

Proposed solution. Hiring agent should, at the time of prospective employee 's interview, identify missing or incomplete information and allow applicant the opportunity to complete the application and retrieve any required

additional information, such as transcripts. The company should not offer potential employees jobs until their application has been checked and verified for accuracy and/or completeness.

Problem 2 - Medical screening. Company policy requires that a physical examination and drug screen be completed for each new employee. No physical examination or drug screening had been completed...