Case Study of an Aggressive Adolescent

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Leung Kwok Keung (K.K.), a 14-year-old boy studying in Form 3, is getting into trouble in controlling his anger and behaving aggressively recently. The cognitive behavioral therapy with the assistance of Adlerian therapy can be applied in the case and help.

The Major Problems for the client

Having difficulty in mastering his angry emotion and starting fights with other students are the major issues of K.K. He himself also realizes his anger is getting out of hand. He does not know how to handle his temper. Among his classmates, K.K. is developing the reputation of being quick to anger and taking offense. While playing football in a recent physical education class, K.K. demanded the goalkeeper position. When a member of the opposing team scored against him in a game, he angrily punched the goal post and knocked it over, then left the field in a rage.

When one of his teammates tried to convince him to return to the match, K.K. aggressively pushed his teammate to the ground and had to be physically restrained by the P.E. teacher.

For his relationships, he describes he family relation as a fair one and is not close with his family members. In school, he really wants the friendship with other boys but in vain as they are avoiding him.

Therapy and System of Counseling

Reason of choosing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In this case, rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) by Albert Ellis can mainly be the basis in the therapeutic process. To begin, REBT operates under the assumption that cognitions or beliefs are the most proximate and identifiable cause of human disturbance (Pellegrino, 2012). We learn irrational beliefs from significant others during childhood and then re-create these irrational...