Case Study for Amad Reston and his vision for the School Plus Web services.

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Amad Reston is a great leader. His vision for the School Plus Web services is an excellent and cost-effective idea for the company. By moving the web services to an outside vendor, Amad has discovered that the company would save money and improve the reliability and responsiveness of the services. It sometimes takes a while for management and corporate to accept change.

However, In John P. Kotter's "Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail", he tells us that change processes go through a series of phases that usually require a considerable amount of time. It is important that Amad realizes the amount of time this will take to show and convince corporate management that the change in the web services is not only cost effective, but necessary.

I believe Amad should continue with his presentation schedule and contact the external providers in charge of making the presentation and stress to them how important the presentations to corporate management will be in February 1998.

I do feel that Amad made a mistake by not inviting the internal providers from San Francisco to the presentations. I understand Amad's frustration with them, but by not inviting them, he created a "competition" attitude from them. If the internal services and

management of the San Francisco division is as unreliable and

disorganized as Amad says it is, I am not sure as to what presentations they will be making.

I believe it will benefit Amad in the long run, because now the problem of the disorganized operations and unreliability will be brought to the attention of corporate management. The problem with the internal services in San Francisco will now be fixed or out sourced. Either way, Amad wins.

In order for Amad to influence the decision process, he needs to establish a sense of...