Case Study Analysis.

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Case Study Analysis

Leslie Stacks

MGT 350

University of Phoenix

Thomas Lalka

December 17, 2006

Case Study Analysis

Faith Community Hospital is not-for -profit organization. This hospital is having troubles that are causing it to lose money, patient population, and control of the staff's actions. Many of the problems they are having are underlying problems that can be solved by addressing the main problems at hand. Faith Community Hospital's main problem lies in organizational process, ethical issues, and communication systems.

The staff at Faith Hospital does not seem to operate by a set standard of operation. Staff members are deciding to perform or not perform procedures because of their personal beliefs. This is a problem because the hospital is a diverse environment and everyone does not have the same beliefs. Furthermore, this hospital is a corporation. The needs of the patient come first, but the hospital must maintain a profit to be able to continue to serve the patients.

The fact that social services is intervening with a patient and staff members are not following directives shows that there is a big organizational problem.

The organizational problems have led to a drop in patient population, loss of profits, and the staff's confusion on the rules of the hospital. To solve this problem, the first thing the CEO must do is come up with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the hospital staff. Hospitals not only operate by rules set up by the directors, they must also follow local, state, and federal guidelines. The SOP should be printed and given to the staff in the meeting. Staff members need to be made aware of the importance of separating personal beliefs and policy. The staff should also be let known that the hospital strives to keep morality...