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ABC Inc. was in need of a new campus recruiter, so in November of the previous year the company hired Mr. Carl Robins for that position. Having been on the job for merely six months, Mr. Robins was able to hire successfully 15 new prospective employees. These new hires are to be trained and work for Ms. Monica Carrolls, ABC's operations manager. Mr. Robins assured Ms. Carrolls that all paperwork, drug testing, physicals, orientation manuals and policy booklets would be in place by the June 15 deadline. Mr. Robins however, has failed or neglected to ensure that necessary arrangements were taken before the June 15 new hire orientation. Mr. Robins also failed or neglected to follow up with all pre-requisites before the new hires could begin orientation. The goal of this case study is to look at ways Mr. Robins could have conducted his work habits better and find resolutions to the problems that have arose because of the follow through neglect and job performance failure.

BackgroundCarl Robins, who has only been on the job for six months, was responsible for 15 new recruits. This recruitment happened in early April with the aim to have the new recruitments working by July. Monica Carrolls, operations manager, contacted Mr. Robins in mid-may regarding details of the orientation process, training scheduling and many other new recruitment topics. Mr. Robins assured Ms. Carrolls that he would have everything coordinated before orientation in July. Mr. Robins waited until two weeks prior to orientation to get started on finalizing paperwork, upon doing so, several issues came to light. A large portion of paperwork was incomplete, physicals and drug screens were missed; the training room was double booked, and missing or incomplete manuals were found. Mr. Robins needs to re-evaluate choices made and find resolutions to these...