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The Home of Compassion Hospital at Island Bay, a surgical and medical hospital with small rest home which provides a broad range of surgery as well as offering respite care, intermittent care, care of terminally ill and convalescent care. It is not for profit and targets people who 'fall between the cracks' with regard to health care. To receive treatment people pay what they can afford. Generally speaking, the hospital's philosophy is that each person is unique and has a basic right to life and the concept of total care embraces the physical, psychological, spiritual, social and economic needs of all peoples, regardless of their race, beliefs, sex, age or financial status. However, due to the high expenditure and lack of income, therefore financial difficulty has become its major problem and concern.

A comprehensive marketing plan is required to assist the hospital in ensuring its long-term viability. The key elements of such marketing plan should include:-•Situational analysisoKey Success FactorsoCompetition and Service ComparisonsoLegal & Social EnvironmentoProblems and Opportunities•Marketing ObjectivesoService ProfileoTarget Market•Marketing StrategiesoService StrategyoPricing StrategyoPromotion StrategyoDistribution StrategySituation AnalysisThe widely recognized quality service and care provided by the hospital are its key successful factor.

The hospital should continue its quality improvement program to ensure consistency in the quality of care offered to patients. The main service competition that the hospital in, is its Rest home service. As required by law under the Hospitals Act, the hospital must have a 24 hours registered nursing staff in order to obtain the geriatric medical license to provide continuing care for the aged. In addition the hospital is in competition with other private hospital for fully-insured patients. These patients are more likely to have higher possibility of donation contribution to the hospital. In the social environment, the hospital currently fills a need for those patients that is...