Case Study and Business Analysis You are to write a case study on an entrepreneur and his/her firm.

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Food and Wine off LicenseThis case study has been carried out as a review of a small business called Food and Wine which is located on Jamaica road, in Bermondsey. It is one in a few small shops, including a fish and chip shop, a corner shop, a salon and a Costello wine bar. It is solely an off-licence and is limited in what it sells in terms of food, beverages and other products like bathroom products and toiletries. The owners Shafiq and Reena Mistry, originally from India opened the shop about 7 years ago after a long period of hard working which eventually led them in starting up this adventure. They also happen to own the property on which this establishment is set.

They both had previous experiences in the past prior to starting this business which dates all the way back to India. Mr Shafiq takes more of a management approach to the business while Reena for the bigger part deals with the accounts.

This became apparent to me during the questioning as she mostly answered most of the questions about how they manage the business financially while he answered more of the general running of the business like technical stuff for instance what they do to fend off competitors around the area.

Food and Wine was at first a Cost Cutter but the only problem was that cost cutter required them to purchase a certain amount of stock every week and due to this inflexibility plus bearing in mind the higher prices compared to other suppliers, Food and Wine started to use various suppliers for their alcohol but this depended on who was offering special offers at the time.

In the beginning the business experienced much trouble from shop lifters, but through better cooperation and better...