Case Study: Arnott's Emporio Marketing Strategy

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Executive Summary

The Australian cracker and crispbread market was worth $245.4 million in June of 20031. With the Australian biscuit market accounting for about $100million annually. Arnotts Biscuits controls approximately 56% of this market2. Where over the past few years, has seen to an increase in demand of premium quality biscuits.

The following will aim to provide an analysis of the Emporio Brand, highlighting the target market along with the various marketing strategies used by the brand.

Target Market

Originally the Emporio brand was marketed as a café selection range of gourmet biscuits, to be enjoyed on special occasions.

The brand was targeting a niche high-class market, to illustrate prestige and quality. The target audience included successful women over 30. However, the product was repositioned in the middle of 2003, with various campaigns to target a different market.

In order to successfully implement these changes, a business must first segment its market, in order to clearly identify the demands of the potential customers. Segmentation can occur through aspects of:

Geographic location

The selection of Emporios is available nation wide, with over 95% of supermarkets accepting the product4. However, particular attention is paid to particular regions, such as highly populated metropolitan areas, where the range and quantity of products are greater.


The targeted age has not differed from the original positioning of the product, however, particular attention is given to attract males, as well as...