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Jinwen Zhu,Tuesday Morning course Case Write-up

Case Write-up

For Canadian Cancer Foundation:

-Do you think cause-related marketing actually works?

Yes, I think cause-related marketing works well. It creates a win-win situation between company and non-profit organization.


The company can enjoyed many benefits for partnering with a non-profit organization. First, it can be recognized as a company to fulfill their social responsibility. It helps the company create and strengthen emotional connections with a target market, as well as developing and fostering customer loyalty. Furthermore, it has a positive effect on a company's sales. According to a survey of American consumers, consumers were likely to choose a product associated with good cause. Moreover, being a partnership can differentiate the company from their competition. Last but not the least, it can improve employee morale and establish the image of a charitable corporation. Thus, companies are willing to use cause-related marketing to help them promote their performance.

Non-profit organization

Obviously, non-profit organizations can get donation from companies to maintain their operation and support initiatives and charity programs. As we can see in the Exhibit 2, corporate partnerships accounted for 19 percent of the Foundation's annual funding. Companies also sponsored the CIBC Run which raised $28.5 million, accounting for 53 percent of the funds raised in 2008. To encourage companies' donation, non-profit organization should promise benefits to companies, including allow them disclose the partnership to consumers on marketing materials. Thus, non- profit organization cannot survive without cause-related marketing.

-How might pink washing pose a risk for corporations?

Pink-washing may cause "more for the intention of boosting the company's sales and corporate image and less for the intention of helping a worthwhile cause." That means, people will pay more attention on the marketing and promotion but ignore the value and contribution the company will...