Case Study: Blue Grocery Stores, Incorporated

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This innovation involves Arthur Reed, warehouse supervisor for Blue Grocery Stores, Incorporated. Arthur Reed needed replacement workers to fill in for the sick and vacationing workers. Selected case studies provide a resource for subsequent methods for workers filling the temporary positions.


The pilot module was 'Introduction to Planning' at the Blue Grocery Stores, Incorporated. Employees would normally take vacation during the summer months. The intended associate module was 'Employees Vacation and Sick Planning Practice' at the Blue Grocery Store, Incorporated warehouse. However, as a result of departmental changes from the normal employee working his or her schedule to limited employee on staff to cover sick or vacation time, the module supervisor was reluctant to solve the innovation in the past year at the grocery store warehouse.

At Blue Grocery Store, Incorporated warehouse, a requirement that 'Replacement Workers Planning' were required to pay union dues and wear costly steel-toed boots.

This introduced at the same time that the replacement employee were at a base pay of only $6.00 per hour as the pilot innovation. It is presented here as the 'Introduction to Planning' issues because the two problems benefited from an exchange of ideas and evaluation of the two problems produced near identical outcomes. At Blue Grocery Store, Incorporated, warehouse, the innovation represented three months of a twelve-month problem.

Classroom discussions show some of the highlights to resolve Arthur Reed problem are:

One of the suggestions to Arthur Reed, supervisor at Blue Grocery Store, Incorporated, of the warehouse of would be is to use the referral bonus to recruiter summer hires. The way this program works is the summer hire works 80 hours and after his or her 80 hours they will receive a $75.00. In the months of June, July and August are completed than the...