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Companies today recognize that market positioning is an important issue for developing their target marketing, and the making market strategies. The purpose of business is for getting benefit; similarly customers want to satisfy their own needs. Thus, the consumer's behavior is changeable under the influence of different factors; also companies have limited resources even the biggest company cannot appeal to every consumers need. The discussed companies within this paper, it discussed about how to satisfy customers' unique needs, is a big challenge. Nevertheless, the main task is to provide varied products and services efficiently to match various unique needs. On the other hand, exploring segmentation and positioning companies aims become essential step to entering market. Choosing the right market positioning will increase competitive advantage by bringing highly beneficial for companies.

"Disney Would Shop" and "Toys "R" Us" are the two companies in which will be mentioned in this work.

Both occupy an industry of big toys market but have different approach of market position. Toys "R" Us, Inc. has built its position as a leader in toys and kids' products. Disney Would Shop inclines on selling Walt Disney's subsidiary products that develops popular collection, not only suits for children but also attracts adult.

This marketing report is analyses these two companies market segmentation, targeting and positioning. In addition, it focuses on customer group, distribution, products and promotion, and it makes meaningful in which is study contributory to comparing two of the principal toy companies and investigate them about how to become a successful toy company.

Relationship between Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Firstly this report will talk about the relationship between "segmentation", "targeting" and "positioning". Susan Hart (2003) mentioned, "Product or brand positioning concerns the decisions develop and maintain target customers." The way of winning customers' attentions is to provide...