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Google in China Case Study

For this week's paper I chose the "Google in China" case to study because Asia will soon become the largest area in the world with the highest internet population. China is currently experiencing a rapid economic growth and for people in business, internet and technology, China represents an opportunity to invest without precedents. In this paper I will describe challenges that global businesses confront, determine the government's role in global business operation and summarize global management challenges faced while conducting business in a foreign country.

China is a country that is growing in the expression of the free market. In addition, any organization that is interested in conducting business in China must do so with the permission of the Communist Party of China, a ruling party known for its rampant corruption and widespread abuses of human rights.

In the year 2000, Google began to globalize its organization introducing their Internet site to many countries including China. This site was designed in the Chinese language for the convenience of users in this country. When this site was established it was originally operated from the United States, and was not very feasible. For 2002, unexpectedly, the authorities in China built a firewall to the website, blocking usage, rerouting users to the competition in that country.

Immediately one of Google's founders, Sergey Brin used a strategy to fight these risks. He researched Chinas history in order to understand its laws, politics, culture and customs. Two weeks after the issue, Google relaunched its Chinese version without access to its policy-related information. In order for Google to work, they relocated in China. Later, Google was forced to join the country's political censor search results on topics...