Case Study - Haemodialysis Patient.

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The focus of this assignment is to analyse the care given to a patient on haemodialysis. It will attempt to explore the physical, psychological and social needs and to identify whether the care delivered met the individual needs of the patient.

The Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) Code of Conduct cites that nurses should "protect all confidential information concerning patients obtained in the course of professional practices and make disclosure only with consent". To adhere to this ruling, the pseudonym "Gloria" is used to identify the patient in this study.

Patients Biography and Medical History

I have chosen Gloria as the focus of my assignment because, as her Named Nurse, it is my responsibility to assess her care needs. She presented with various medical problems, such as diabetes, anaemia, hypertension and anxiety over her sexual function with an altered body image due to the formation of her Arterio-Venous Fistula.

Gloria is a 28-year-old single lady, who lives with her family.

She gave up her studies due to haemodialysis treatment, resulting in feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression. Gloria's mother is very supportive and also copes remarkably well with two disabled daughters. Gloria is 53.5 kgs, 5'5 inches tall, thin, pale and tires easily due to her anaemia. Before commencing haemodialysis in September 2002 her haemoglobin was 9.9 g/dl. Gloria has been an insulin dependent diabetic since 1980 and has developed end stage renal failure as a result of diabetic nephropathy. She was diagnosed with retinopathy in 1990 and has undergone laser treatment in 1991.

Apart from uncontrolled blood sugars, Gloria has rarely been unwell. In December 2001, she consulted her General Practitioner with occasional vomiting and shortness of breath upon exertion and bipedal leg oedema. On examination it was discovered that her blood pressure had risen from 140/85 mmHg to...