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Introduction to the business

Name of business: Kama - House of Exotic Decor

Location: 52 Elbow St, WEST KEMPSEY 2440

Type of business: Partnership.

Reason for starting business: Interest of owners.

Main objectives and goals of the business: The main goal of the business is to occupy its owner's time.

Mission statement: To be creative and to teach others how to be.

Personal reasons behind starting the business: The business was started for investment purposes.

Was market research used? Market research was used. The manager/partner available at the time was not involved in this side of the business and the other partner/manager was unavailable.

Products sold: Exotic décor and beads

Competition: Tracey's soap and things.

Type of society business operates in: Low income area

General economic conditions experienced: A low at the present time


Financed by: Loan

Current financing arrangements: There are no financing arrangements in place at the present time.

Capital equipment owned by the business: All business equipment is leased.

Building: The building the business operates in is leased.

Management skills: The owners have marketing skills. When questioned further they did not wish to elaborate.

Staff: At the present time no staff are employed by the business because it is the owners hobby business and they are not required.

Operation of the business

Forms of promotion: The only form of promotion the business uses is that on the building. It relies on word of mouth.

How is stock controlled: Stock is brought on demand.

Support supplied to goods sold: Stock sold is not refunded. It is though replaced.

Quality controls: The store only buys proven quality goods.

Management structures in place: Tasks are shared equally between the two managers and things are done in a team approach.

Location in life cycle phase: The business is currently in...