Case Study Of Lake Hotel, where the hotel is not having much sales and how to improve these sales to obtain profits. Assume data as required.

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The lake hotel is a hotel situated 20 miles away from the city centre. The hotel has does not have an investment from five years and the care of the hotel has not been taken by its staff resulting in the poor appearance of the Lake Hotel. Also, the guests coming in the hotel are not satisfied with the poor service and facilities. As an Assistant to the Manager, I am preparing this report so that the hotel can understand its difficulties and can make the possible changes in its pricing strategies, and develop the cleaning and maintenance of the hotel to earn a higher revenue.


In the month of January, the occupancy is very low and is decreasing year by year. February also has a low occupancy. However, there is an acceptable occupancy in the month of April and May, and a good occupancy level June, July and August.

Again, in the month of September, October, November and December the occupancy goes on reducing. The occupancy level is highest in the year 2003.

The reason for the low occupancy level in the month of October, November, December, January February and March can be the winter season in that area. People may not prefer getting out of their houses because of the severe cold. Also, there is a heavy snowfall in the winter season and many roads are blocked and there may not be transportation facilities available. Also, December is a month of festivals like Christmas, New year etc. where people would prefer celebrating in their houses rather than celebrating in the hotel Lake view which has a poor appearance of the property both internally and externally. Also, the people who had a stay earlier in this hotel may...