Case Study: Malfunction Junction

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Malfunction Junction Case Study

Dale A. Miller

University of Phoenix


October 02, 2010

Gary Vernon


A case study is a form of qualitative explanatory research that is used to look at individuals, a small group of participants, or a group as a whole. Research on case studies allows people to understand complex issues that can extend experience and add strength to previous research. Case studies articulate detailed analysis of a minimal number of events and their affairs. This paper will look at the case study entitled "Malfunction Junction". This paper will answer 4 questions in regards to the case study giving adequate feedback about the questions being asked.

Do you envision any problems with traditional-thinking officers and supervisors still working in the organization? If so, how will you handle their concerns?

This author believes that traditional thinking officers and supervisors may hinder proper decision making when it comes to today's criminal acts.

In traditional thinking officers "the central tenet is that things are as they have always been and the future will be likewise thus they cannot be any other way" able to know (2009). The point being is fate, and all that needs to be learned by any organization is fate and how to organize their lives in accordance with it. In this world, argumentation and logic doesn't exist because no alternatives exist. Changes need to be made so traditional thinking officers can openly see that the nation is changing and different thinking techniques need to be applied.

In handling traditional thinking officers concerns, this author will instill a must for patrol officers to get the training they need to encourages and formulate initiatives and the discretionary ability that is portrayed as an exciting removable of traditional thinking.