Case study of national insurance company and full analysis of the problems faced by the company

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Executive SummaryThe main purpose of this report is to analyse the condition and working ienvironment of National Insurance and Investment (NII) a company whose main business in selling and servicing insurance packages for both individual and corporate customers. So it is basically is call centre, which respond to the clients of its customers on their behalf. So the purpose of this report is to understand the variousssues in National Investment & insurance company (NII), which is facing various problems like higher employee turnover, lower customer satisfaction, lower levels of motivation among employees etc. in the suggested case study. Help of various other research papers and journal articles has also been taken to underpin the possible reasons of the problems of NII and other similar companies in the same industry and how such problems can affect the overall growth and current working environment of the industry and company in particular.

The first section of the report consists of introduction of the company and few journal article references which deal with the problems as underlined in the case study.

The second section of analysis of the company deals with the issues identified from the NII case study which are like High degree of employee turnover, Lack of training, Lower level of motivation & satisfaction and Poor communication among AO's. Key points from literature have been added to analyse the problems more precisely.

The last section of the report deals with recommendations, which can help NII to improve its working. Some of the major recommendations are need to make a better staff mix, advised to provide proper training to the employees, which will help to improve the employee morale for dealing with the problems and even make them more clear about their role, NII should also work in the field of improving the...