Case Study: New Century Health Clinic

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Project case study

You have been presented with a case study based around the business "New Century Health Clinic" which is not a computerized company. They are thinking to be computerized; now your job is to do the feasibility study to find out whether or not to go for computerization. Before you start your report, you need to read provided case study thoroughly.

Case study background:

NCHC is currently having problems in its office administration area and are seeking solutions. The office staffs think they are having problems in keeping the patients records, making appointments billing, and many more. As there is too much office work (specially too much paper work) for the current staff to handle it properly; management agrees but is also concerned with the long-term considerations and solutions. They are considering computerization.

So they have approached an outside IT company, for whom you work.

*Your company has allocated this prospective "client request" to you

*You will consult and work with this new client

*It is the first time you have been put in-charge of a new client and new project

You are required to perform following

*Client user needs analysis

*Feasibility study:

[* Explain marketing, technical and financial issues

*Explain operational, technical and financial feasibility of the project

*SWOT analysis

*Explain relationship between business, technology and people]

*Review client background and problem

*Business issues of the problem

*Full analysis of the current system

*Information gathering techniques

[*Interview, observation, survey

* Technology used in information gathering such as telephone, Internet, email etc]

*Evaluate the alternative and strategies

*Scope and functions of the proposed system

*Present your recommendation with cost analysis

*Break even analysis

Client user needs analysis:

New Century Health clinic (NCHC) deals with patients, providers, and medical procedures, or services.

The providers, who provide the billable...