Case study about Orange. It is about the development of Orange company.

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The mobile phone industry is not just only a fashion in modern life, it creates system a in such a way that makes people enjoy the communication fleetly expediently. According to the case of this essay, France Telecom is to merge Orange, its French mobile phone network linters and its other mobile activities into a company called New Orange. Orange is the second largest mobile phone company in Europe after Vodafone, with operations in Britain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and Eastern Europe. This essay will analyse the Orange case by following four steps, which are describe and evaluate the development and current competitive position, analyse the successful of rebranding of France TelecomOrange, and evaluate the strategies complexion of Orange Telecom.

The competition in the Telecom industry is very furious. Every business in the telecom industry has some similar products and service to cover their customers, so that trying to create something competitive advantages is very important for business to get success in the market.

Orange is the billion-dollar brand that re-wrote the rulebook, disadvantaged its competitors and is worth double its nearest rival.

Development and current competitive position of Orange

Development of Orange

As for the development of Orange, it has developed the strategy by creating a new technology to provide speed and efficiency network. It was an innovative product and service by supporting high-quality wire free data transfer. Orange has improved the network by offering advance quality and the range of product and services in technological development. For the new technology development, Orange has introduced the new recent technology such as HSCSD (high-speed circuit switched data) and GPRs (general packet radio services) that offer to the customer in which increase the speed and efficiency of GSM network. Orange has developed a strong brand that was the...