Case study paper for Borderline Personality Disoder. Shows an actually sitiution of a person with BPD.

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Elizabeth is an attractive, witty, very intelligent 23 year old woman, who was physically abused by her father, and witnessed many serious physical fights between her mother and father, until they divorced when she was 8. She is now severely depressed. She yearns for something that will set her apart from the rest of the world, something that will let everyone know that she was there, that she existed. She feels bored or empty inside, and mentions that she feels as if there is some kind of void inside her that she can never quite fill. She feels as if she is just "a swamp of childhood emotions," and she is constantly hiding from her true feelings. She often feels very depressed, even suicidal, for reasons that she does not understand, and just hours later she will have severe outbursts of anger, sometimes very violent. Once, in a fit of anger, Elizabeth picked up her mothers glass vase, and threw it at her sister, who was 12 years old at the time.

She needed 5 stitches.

Even though her mother had been very controlling and disapproved of her involvement with boys and even many of her friends, Elizabeth became very promiscuous. This began around the age of 17. It is very rare that Elizabeth is not in some sort of relationship with a man. She fears being alone. She makes sure that she has complete control over just about every relationship, first initiating them, and then ending them, not long after they begin. She loves, and gets some sort of a high, when her partners seemed puzzled, or even extremely upset, when she ends the relationships that she so willingly started. She enjoys being close to someone physically. She needs this. But she dreads being too emotionally involved. She immediately...