Case Study: Response To Illness

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Case Study: Mr. Jones

48 Year old, Native American Male

Keiser University

Mr. Jones is a 48yrs old Native Americans, who presented to the hospital after a motor vehicle accident with fracture to right femur, dislocation of right shoulder and a close head injury. Mr. Jones is a non-compliant hypertensive that stopped taking his medication prior to hospitalization. He is the father of three children, a 15yrs old, a 10yr old and a 3yr old, he is married and is the owner of a plumber company which employs two plumbers. Mrs. Jones is a stay home wife and does some of the business work form home. Mr. Jones has no family and relies on his wife's sister and elder mother. The family's financial situation is described as " just surviving month to month". This paper will explore the impact of illness on Mr. Jones and his family.

An overview of the stage of illness Mr. Jones may be experiencing by evaluating internal and external factors, internal, external and interpersonal stressor that may cause anxiety and stress and the nursing interventions that may be appropriate for Mr. Jones and his family. We will also explore the effect on the family's stress and family dynamics.

Illness involves not only the body but also involves the social relationship, mental and spiritual health of the individual. Illness perception is determined by culture and the attitude of the family as a whole to illness and wellbeing. Society also plays an important role in how the individual copes with illness; we have expectations or cultural norms of what is expected of an ill individual, expectations which are very dependent of each culture. Culture and the individual's concept of illness is what determines how we allow internal and external...