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Student ID: 2150586 PM 503 SS3 2T Tutor: Alan D. Logan

Module Code: PM 011 - 2T(SS3)

Class Group: Group Z

Module Title: Statistical Design for Science and Engineering

Assessment: Case study

Assignment Title: the quality of water in the reservoirs supplying

the Greater Glasgow area

Tutor Name: Alan D. Logan

Date of Submission: July 31th, 2014


Due to the task of rising living standard in the Greater Glasgow, Scottish Water has launched a project to study the quality of water in the reservoirs supplying Glasgow. The project leader believed that the water quality should be highest when the surface area of a reservoirs is small. However, the Scottish Water Director seemed to be unsatisfied with the conclusion of the project leader due to the lack of statistical analysis. Subsequently, a statistical investigation has been started. The investigation data was gathering from 49 reservoirs with fresh drinkable water in different location around Glasgow.

In addition, the criterion 'Index of Biotic Integrity' or IBI has been applied for the study to measure the water quality.

The date have been demonstrated in two tables (see Appendix 1). Table 1 show IBI score of 24 "treatment" reservoirs where the water was treated using chemical to eliminated bacteria before it was stored into the reservoirs. The table 2 displayed the information about 25 other "non-treatment" reservoirs which is treated after the water left the reservoirs. The tables have two columns which are the measure of reservoir's surface area and the IBI score. The second aim of this research is to give recommendation

This paper has two aims. The first aim is to analyzing and evaluating the effect of surface area on the quality of water, to be more specific, the IBI score. If there are statistical evidence of other possible influences of...