Case Study for Student Analysis

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Case Study for Student Analysis

Peggy Barnett

COMM/215 - Essentials of College English

Jerry Bolzak

October 16, 2003

Case Study for Student Analysis

Arthur Reed is doing an excellent job in managing both first and second shifts. He has the respect of his peers in the grocery business. His primary management dilemma continues to be on a yearly basis of having a dependable constant pool of summer replacement workers. Somehow, he has to find a method to handle his vacationing and sick personnel.

It seems as though Arthur has recognized that the summer months represent vacationing staff. He also realizes that he receives many more call-outs than usual at this time of the year. One of the issues that I see begins with the management of his staff. Another issue is the fact that he, himself, has not addressed this yearly turmoil with management.

This conversation would include addressing any budgetary issues and staffing. These conversations are mandatory because he faces the same problems on a yearly basis. Now is the time to address the issues so that the future can be run smoothly.

Arthur needs to have a staff meeting with both shifts and established some personnel guidelines. He can even have human resources to aid him in his decisions. For example, except for extreme emergencies all vacation and personal days would have to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. If you have to call out for sickness, then you must call the job at least two hours before your normal starting time and speak with either Arthur or someone in human resources.

In addition, Arthur needs to meet with his manager at the beginning of the new budget or calendar year. At this meeting he would specifically address the...