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Many employers spend a great deal of time and money when recruiting individuals for their organization. The fundamentals of the orientation process should not be neglected. The new-hire process solidifies the new employees' relationship with the organization. Finding qualified applicants, interviewing, checking references, and creating an acceptable offer can create an overwhelming abundance of paperwork and stress for the recruiter as the recruiter's job does not end once the applicant has accepted the tendered offer. A qualified recruiter must facilitate and coordinate all recruitment visits and have effective communication skills when coordinating and organizing meetings and/or special events without any supervision.


As a recruiter for ABC, Inc., Carl Robins serves as the main contact person for recently recruited new-hires. Mr. Robins is responsible for overall hands-on management of staffing available positions. As a working recruitment professional, he is to plan and implement all activities relating to staffing strategy, sourcing, recruiting, candidate development, selection, and hiring for all levels of candidates for the organization; however, Mr.

Robins lacks organizational and time management skills. These skills are essential for effective scheduling. Time management skills are essential for maximizing the effectiveness of them to reach the pinnacle of their careers. The process of setting goals, setting targets, and creating agendas aids in achieving the complete step-by-step hiring process.


The hiring of individuals, stated in this case, did not adhere to an aggressive hiring policy for starting the new-hires immediately upon hiring. More than 60 days passed from the day these individuals were hired, in early April, until the first day of orientation. Within this period, ample time was available for the recruiter to review each individual's file to check for completeness; knowing what information is not completed early within the process will help with the transitioning. These files are...