Case Study: Team Restructuring - An Opportunity Evaluation for CSS330 at University of Phoenix

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Team Restructuring - An Opportunity Evaluation


Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making



Team A has identified a problem in the workplace. After evaluating the problem and considering many alternatives, they have come forward with a recommendation to implement a solution. The team's method of approach has been to use critical thinking tools and techniques to get a better understanding of the problem. Their focus has mainly been on the usage of the problem-solving methodology to gather all relevant information before framing the problem; and, the decision-making methodology to consider all inputs before making the necessary decisions. The result of the evaluation follows.


Team Restructuring - An Opportunity Evaluation

Individuals are faced with many problems in the workplace. Unfortunately, many of these are not solved because individuals do not have adequate knowledge or skills to solve them. Throughout this presentation we will show the reader that the toughest problems can be solved if we use critical thinking practices, accompanied by the appropriate problem-solving and decision-making tools and techniques.

Our candidate problem follows.

Background Information

Manager A is responsible for managing four team leads in her organization. Three of them are fulfilling their team management obligations. Evidence of their successful leadership styles is clear in that the teams are motivated, happy, and are fulfilling their obligations by delivering their agreed-upon outputs on time and according to predefined specifications and quality standards.

On the other hand, Team Four is not quite meeting their obligations. On any given day, three customer service representatives are required to provide service to thirty-to-fifty club members, as well as responding to over one hundred customer service phone calls. One team member is underperforming. This person has a tendency to prolong the paperwork when updating catalogs instead of attending to a customer's needs. Repeated...