Case Study, Warren Soft Drinks Ltd.

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The company of the case study, Warren Soft Drinks Ltd., is operating in the soft drinks industry, making carbonated drinks, mineral waters and still concentrates. Although it is the management's intention to use strong branding as part of their marketing, it is unlikely that they will be able to measure against the mega-brands of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the carbonated drinks market. Competition is fierce there, not only between these two brands but also between a wide range of cost-led brands, especially private ones.

From the case study, it becomes evident that WSD Ltd. has certain troubles as far as its sales management methods are concerned. This includes their sales reps recruitment and initial training, their method of payment and reward for their job, the geographic division of the country and the company's future strategy.

Recruitment & Training

Taking first things first, I believe that recruitment is very vital to an organisation's well-being.

Surely, it is sensible that not everyone can be a good salesman. He has to be able to persuade people into buying staff and that depends on how good he is at bringing forth the good sides of the product while making the bad sides (especially cost) seems less vital. Charisma, fast-talking, truthfulness are some of the key qualities that are needed to persuade someone into trusting you. New recruits should be screened for these qualities before they are trained, so that no money is wasted on lazy people or people who are more likely to be uncommitted to the company and leave it for a rival. It should be company policy to hire the most committed of applicants. It is also crucial for a salesman to be able to work on his own, to have a working knowledge of arithmetic and mathematical skills, to be...