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Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc

Multicultural Workforce



Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. is a multimillion-dollar company that has networks all over the globe. They have companies in the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and the Southeast Asia. In the unstable market of today's worldwide telecommunications, contingency is unanimous among the telecommunication companies in business today. Because of the reach that this company has, we need to ensure that the company is capable of operating with a wide variety of cultures. With the different cultures that intertwine within the company, it is essential that everyone from the corporate level to the common laborer is aware of his or her actions. What one culture might consider being normal, another culture might consider the action to be offensive. We will help the employees to understand the importance of knowing how to work together. We will also point out the benefits from working with a multicultural company.

Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. is committed to loyalty and dedication, brought about by effective management, through appropriate delegation towards subordinates.

Let us look at what makes a company a multinational company. Any company that has connections around the world and use workers from each of the represented locations has a multicultural workforce. Each of the different cultures has there own habits and customs. There will be times when the habits or customs of one culture may clash with the other cultures. This is an area of concern for all multicultural companies. All the employees must be aware of the differences that each culture has. If they are aware of each of the other cultures, and what is or is not acceptable at the time of hire, the employee will be more willing to work together for the common goal of the company.

"With the different cultural systems in place, we...