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Case study of Yahoo's practices


In this day and age, with the alternatives in industrial environment and the increasing progress trend of global economy, the changing business structure and fierce competition have been brought to force organizations to modify the market positions, corporate culture, resources and capacities continuously in order to survival and own the desirable market shares. Owing to the advanced economic and social development, organizations make effort to establish new competitive advantages to catch up the various corporate business strategic goals. Yahoo, one of the leading brand of worldwide web industries, decide to shift the chief executive officer in that can influence the entire organizational culture, resources and capacities, which also raised attention about whether this change can turnaround Yahoo out of the recession period. This report will first analysis the problems during the development of Yahoo recently in terms of cultural and political issues. Then it will examine solutions contribute to the turnaround in Yahoo by drivers of culture-excellence and organizational learning approaches.

The practical recommendations will suggest later to adjust the changing organizational culture in Yahoo relate to human resources and leadership. Finally, the report will also pay attention to evaluate the potential sources of resistance by employees' aspect.

Existing issues of Yahoo's operation

To begin with, it is reported that Yahoo lack of powerful promotion and contribution in the recent technique market as a result of failure in defining itself distinctive from rivals and catch up the modern economic trends regardless of how many multiple kinds of industrial areas and products it operates. Moreover, the leadership team of Yahoo did not create the corporate core competencies to establish innovative competitive advantages in order to shape products originally by exist technique abilities and spread it with mess media accesses rather than just keep in mind...