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After researching online, I came across a cashmere sweater specialty store called Nandia's Cashmere. I compared the selection of women's cashmere sweaters available in this store to the women's selection of cashmere sweaters available through Macy's department store. One of the biggest differences among the stores was the number of cashmere sweaters available. Macy's sells only 10 sweaters online while Nandia's sells 22 sweaters online. I also noticed that Nandia's has a much wider selection in regard to style than that of Macy's, however, Macy's has well known brand names such as Charter Club and DKNY. Also, Macy's has a much broader selection when it comes to size and color. Macy's provides a wide range of colors and sizes to fit any customers taste. They also stock sweaters of sizes small through extra large. On the other end, Nandia's store only provides sizes small and medium and does not offer an extensive range of color choice.

Nandia's Cashmere Specialty store also has significantly lower prices than Macy's. The sweaters in Macy's were not priced below $99.00 and Nandia's sweater were mostly all on sale for prices as low as $59.00. The question of higher quality goes hand and hand with the prices stores charge but overall, I believe Nandia's store is of very high quality. Along with women's fashions, the store also includes menswear, shawls, gloves, and accessories. (All made from high quality cashmere!) In conclusion, I feel a better selection of cashmere sweaters would be found shopping at Nandia's Cashmere Specialty store. Its selection is twice that of Macy's, includes more diverse styles, and has considerably lower prices. However, it would be a safer bet to shop at Macy's because they can accommodate all sizes and are located throughout the U.S.