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The Casinos and Casino Hotel Industry The gaming industry is a multibillion-dollar business. Today, casinos are the number one leader in attractions and most popular form of entertainment in America well above any other form of recreation. Americans are betting more than eight hundred billion dollars a year (Heubusch 65). Hotels are added to the casinos with the number one goal of trying to attract as many people as possible to stay at the hotel (Harrah's To Outline Financial Woes). Most casino hotels today have adopted a family atmosphere to make it the casino more family oriented. The more people that stay at the hotel, the more gambling that will be taking place. Thousands of employees are need to run a large casino. Everyone needs to do their job in order to keep the guests satisfied and coming back (Casinos and Casino Hotels 54). With millions of people spending billions each year, and the majority of the money going to the casino, all of the guests deserve the best the casinos have to offer.

People are gambling more than ever. It has become America's number one chioce of leisure. Gambling has been the fastest growing form of recreation in America. Casino gambling has risen high above theme parks, cruises, sporting events, as the most popular form of entertainment (Peterson 38). Legalized gambling states have cities known for the casino gambling. Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City are some of the well known cities when it comes to gambling. The new modern day casino hotels are now costing billions to be built (The Hospitality Industry 245). The newer casinos are built high tech with state of the art facilities. These casino hotels are usually torn down after twenty-five years or so. They will be rebuilt to try to keep the hotel...