Casino: A Jackpot for Pittsburgh?

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Is a casino a good idea for the city of Pittsburgh?

"Hey guys, you wanna head over to the casino tonight?" Imagine this becoming part of an everyday conversation at most college campuses in the Pittsburgh area. With plans currently being made to construct a casino in the Pittsburgh area, this could quite possibly become a reality in the near future. There are numerous places that are being considered for the new location of the casino, which include the Hill District as well as Station Square. Many people would be affected in a variety of ways regardless of its location, and there would be a considerable number of changes that would occur with the installation of a casino in the city of Pittsburgh. There would be a significant increase in the overall financial/economical growth and tourism throughout the city. Also, the number of casinos in the surrounding states would increase.

Unfortunately, there would also be the possibility of an increase student drinking, bad influences, and traffic in the area. Some of these changes would be for the better of the city while others would be for the worse, but by weighing in all of the factors, Pittsburgh is clearly a good choice for the addition of a casino.

To begin with the positive effects and outcomes of introducing Pittsburgh to a casino, the issue of the business and economical gains of the city come to mind. If a casino were to be added to the city of Pittsburgh, regardless of its location, there would be a significant increase in the success of many businesses. For example, because casinos generally attract large amounts of people to their respective locations, there are many more stores, restaurants, and other attractions in the area that naturally make better business. When tourists...