The Cask Of Amantillado

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Ah yes. It is that time of year once more and everyone around me is dressed up like mad hatters and assorted works, drinking away all of their troubles. Yes, the Carnival. You see now, I am a man who fancies my liquor and anytime I can go outside and drink out of my flask and watch everyone act foolish around me, I fancy just as well. Around dusk, while wandering aimlessly enjoying my fine wines and tampering with my fellow drunks I ran into an old friend, Montresor. It was quite the warm welcome considering this was the man I had stabbed in the back not too long before. Weary of his purpose, I continued into conversation with Montresor.

He started off about a cask, a cask that was filled with Amontillado. When he spoke of Amontillado I believed him hardly because of the rarity of such a substance.

But he preached about his certainty and wanted me to see it for myself. I was quite drunk at the time of his offer but he told me to follow him to his house so I decided to venture with him.

My body, flung all over Montresor, could barely handle the wine I was so willingly pouring down my throat. I promised myself before this escapade I would not get too flagrantly drunk because I was not sure of Montresor just yet. Arriving at his house that was filled with utter silence I began to question my presence. Did he really bring me to his home so I could venture into a land of alcoholic bliss? This would be a fair gesture or a gift. What form of gift do I deserve from a man who got chopped at the knees buy yours truly. Questioning him not, I continued on my walk with Montresor.

Everything began to get unpleasantly dark and resemble parts of death. With this I was assuming that we had entered the cavern for where the Amontillado would be near. Something in those caves gave me this awful cough and loss of breath. It was quite the ghastly cough and I was having trouble keeping up. Montresor offered that we go back and conserve my health but I had come this far and I shall not die from a mere cough. So instead of an Elixir or remedy to my cough he knocks the neck off a wine bottle and presents me with it.

"Drink," Montresor exclaimed.

I grabbed the bottle and proceeded to willingly drink. Dancing around and throwing up my arms I started to get a little out of control. My cough was still apparent but I was not going to let that stop me. I grabbed his arm as if it were my crutch and continued through the dark arches, descending passageways and past deep crypts that smelled worse than anything unbearable.

"Proceed, herein is the Amontillado" said Montresor.

There was something about the way he said it that made me almost frightened. But at last we reached the Cask and nothing was going to get in my way of this Amantillado. It had passed through my head that maybe I could trap Montresor in here and escape with the Cask. Leaving him to his death down here would almost be perfect. I doubt anyone would miss a man like that. Lord knows I wouldn't. Stumbling into the darkened room I ended up near a wall with nothing next to it. Looking around I was almost sure this is where he told me to look but to my surprise there was no cask and no Amantillado.

"Click, Click." Astonished by my findings I turned around and found myself not able to move. Was the ground sticking to my soles or maybe I had loss all usage of my legs do to drunkenness. But Montresor was steadily moving backwards.

"Look around, you'll find it" Montresor announced.

I was fed up with games and I wanted to go back to my humble abode and rest my tired head. But something was not allowing me.

"CHAINS!" I pronounced.

It was quite the joke to think that a man like Montresor would lock someone in a room with no source of light or nourishment.

"HA, ha , ha, a very good joke, a good joke indeed." But light was pleasantly decreasing and the joke soon diminished. There was nothing I could do but attempt to jerk the chains out of its holdings but that did not seem to work.

"Let us be gone" I said to Montresor.

"Yes," he said, "lets us be gone" Light was none, and air was getting thin. My breaths were short and weak. My vision was soon gone and sense of touch was going right along with it. But I could feel my cold heart aching with regret. But all was lost and life seemed short.

"FORTUNATO" he exclaimed.

"FORTUNATO" once more.

But responding was too much effort for my lips could not move. Lifeless I layed there for who knows how long until finally, yes finally, I fell into eternal sleep.