The Cask Of Amontilado

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To whom it may concern: "Your health is not good," I told him. (D/s) "Let's turn back," I pleaded. (D/s) Speaking sarcastically, I was able to use the perfect form of reverse psychology. (D/cd) It was the flawless way of driving the ignorant and conceded Fortunato deeper into the mysterious, dark, and damp catacombs that would be the site of his massacre. (D/cx) He insisted we continue on forward, being naive and not comprehending that this was all part of my sinister plan to cease his existence. (D/cx) My motives; possible jealously of his success and high standards, maybe revenge, or even due to my mental unstableness, but all that matters is that I did it. (D/cdcx) "For the love of God!" (EX/s) he cried out, as brick by brick I built the wall that would seal his fate! (EX/cx) "Yes," I repeated, "for the love of God." (D/cd) It was 50 years ago to date that I ran into my good friend Fortunato.

(D/s) I had always been jealous of his superiority, riches, and many skills. (D/s) Attending high school with the arrogant fool was a hellish nightmare; every day I was tormented and ostracized for not being of high class. (D/cd) Fortunato was very handsome and admired by all, but I knew the real him. (D/cd) A very cruel, vicious, and dark person hid deep within, beneath his good looks. (D/cx) I knew that I was destined to dispose of such evil. (D/s) I could never forget the way he traumatized me, and I got my revenge. (D/cd) Carnival was the perfect way to obtain my vengeance. (D/s) I took that wonderful opportunity I believe God granted me and acted upon it. (D/cd) Unfortunately for Fortunato, I found him amongst the drunks, for he had been inebriated due...