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The story, "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe, talks about a man named Fortunato who had insulted his friend Montesor. Montresor wants to punish him for the wrong he has done. He was very conniving when he sought out Fortunato so that he did not suspect anything. Fortunato was a wine connoisseur and Montresor respected this about him and that was ultimately what leads to his death.

Montesor tells Fortunato that he needs him to taste some special wine called Amontillado. It is stored in the vault of his home. It is dark and damp there and Montesor tells Fortunato this and also that the vault is encrusted with nitre, which would make his cough worse. Fortunado doesn't want to appear not to want to do his friend a favor, so insists upon going there with him. Along the way to the cask of Amontillado they both share some wine and get drunk.

There were also dead bodies and piles of bones located in the same area where they were walking. He walked unknowingly into a niche and Montesor chained him to the rock. He then proceeded to build a wall out of stone and mortar and encased his victim in there. They screamed at each other for a while and then Fortunato laughed thinking and hoping it was a joke. It was not to be and Montesor got his wish and revenge.