The Castaways or Vote for Caliban !!!”

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Marta Książek

" The Castaways or Vote for Caliban !!!" written by Adrian Mitchel is quite absorbing and deeply touching. It shows human's weakness in the face of extreme situation. The poem gives a very sad picture of downfall mechanisms of people left without a leader.

It is obvious that people react differently in different situations. One way on daily basis, the other way in difficult situations.

When we get to know the five survivors they are trying to overcome the first difficulties and organize primary basics, but still they are no more than motley crew. They gather together and react only instinctively in the face of danger. There is still no person to unite the group, sets any rules or support the weak.

Further author presents more arguments to prove that the main reason of all mishaps is lack of leader. There was no one who could take charge of them.

They wanted to live as they always did but unfortunately they do not even formed a society. They did not have a person who leads others, sets out the rights and obligations.

Adrian Mitchel perfectly showed that people united only in the time of crisis or emergency. Transmission was hard to understand at first glance. One had to delve hard into poem to see the main message. In poem he concluded a very wise message about human nature.