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Castle Defense Fireballs are flying around your head you are protecting yourself and the castle. You don't know when it will be your time to go. There you sit in the arrow loop and try to take out as many enemies as possible. The enemies are very hard to shoot because of their unique ways of protecting themselves. Castle's have many tactics to defend their castles from damage and from enemies taking the castle over.

First, the structure of the castle could be modified to make it harder to destroy. Defense was assisted by developments in the plan and construction of castles. Castle were usually built on top of a hills and surrounded by a mott. The walls became thicker; corner and mural towers were built to give enfilading fire" (Thomas 1). Turrets projected from the walls, so there was a clear line of fire along to the next turret.

Loops were located in the walls which increased regard to the field if fire which they could control and to the convenience of the archer. "The walls were crowned with battlements which Strange-2 gave protection to the defenders, and gaps between the merlons were often guarded by hinged flaps" (Thomas 1). The walls could be as thick as thirty feet. The entrance of the castle was the most vulnerable point in the circuit of walls, which was protected by a gatehouse and a draw bridge. The motte was built really steep, which made it difficult for attackers to climb. To make it even harder for attackers to cross a motte they would cover it with wooden boards. The outer wall of castles is covered by melons, which are steel plates so it is harder to get through the wall. They also put holes in the floor and ceiling to see...